AmigaOne X1000 F.A.Q.
Q: What is the AmigaOne X1000?
A: It is a high-end, next generation AmigaOne computer system running the latest version of AmigaOS 4.1. It features to date the highest performance of any AmigaOS 4.1 computer system and has been custom built from the outset to run AmigaOS. Please consult the specifications for details. To find out more about AmigaOS please visit the official webpage:

Q: How do I buy an AmigaOne X1000?
A: Please click the here to configure and buy your own AmigaOne X1000 system. If you have any pre-sales questions, please email

Q: What is the price of the AmigaOne X1000 be?
A: Price is dependent on the configuration you choose, however base price starts from around GBP 1800 plus VAT and delivery. VAT is only chargeable to customers in the UK and EU. Prices subject to change due to the volatility in component prices. You can buy here

Q: Is there a Linux port for the AmigaOne X1000?
A: There is a Debian Squeeze Linux PPC available to install amongst various other distributions. A Linux Install Guide PDF is available to download for existing AmigaOne X1000 users.

Q: What design options are available?
A: The AmigaOne X1000 system is available in either a black or white Boing Ball tower case.

Q: Will both CPU cores be utilised in AmigaOS 4.1?
A: Not in the current release, however, this is an active development objective of the AmigaOS team.

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